Thanks for stopping by Theologoholic!  This site is meant to be a laboratory for learning to think Christianly and to write well. Together we’ll explore some of the spaces between theology, philosophy, ethics, politics  and culture.

I’m Joseph Morgan-Smith and I’m a theologoholic.  In the hills of Southern West Virginia  I share a house with a funny, strong, intelligent, sexy woman, a neurotic zoologist, and a beautiful princess.  If you’d like to know more about us, you can check out or family site, La Paix de Smith.  I’m an avid reader, mostly theology and philosophy. I’m a wannabe distance runner. I like experimenting with vegetarian and gluten-free cuisine.  And I’m a self-proclaimed beer connoisseur.

I am Director of Christian Education at St. Luke Lutheran Church, and I serve on the board of Appalachian Community Mission. I hold a B. A. in Theology from Eastern University, and I’m working on an M. A. in Systematic and Philosophical Theology from The University of Nottingham.

Please make yourself at home. Browse any parts of the site that interest you, but don’t forget to leave your comments behind.