The Art & Science of Preaching

Over the last couple of days I watched Rob Bell’s incredible seminar on “reclaiming the ancient, beautiful, provocative, healing, inspired art form known as the sermon.” I know that some of my readers may be skeptical of Bell’s theology but, especially if you preach, please put that aside for a bit and watch these two videos. Whatever else you may think of Rob Bell, the guys is an incredible preacher and we could all learn from him. In fact, it’s probably worth your while to get the DVD and watch the entire five-hour seminar, but I found these two sessions particularly helpful. The sessions do build on each other a bit (in one of these videos, for instance, he shows the outline of his first talk in the seminar), but I doubt you’ll have any trouble picking up in the middle.

This one is about the structure and architecture of a sermon. WARNING: If you’re not a preacher yourself, you might find this a bit boring. Here’s his money line: the sermon is “a bit like sausage and the law: if you love it and respect it, don’t watch it be made”

And Rob says the worst thing you can do as a preacher is to start by staring at a blank computer screen. So this one is some thoughts on how not to do that.


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