Re: Theology Nerd Book Survey

Renowned Christianity homebrewer, Tripp Fuller has put out a call for theology nerds everywhere to cite their favorite books by answering these questions.

  1. A book you get excited just looking at
  2. Your favorite book by your favorite living theologian
  3. A classic you can’t leave behind
  4. Best book to cross your eyes in 2011
  5. Favorite book to give a budding theology nerd
  6. A book you can’t wait for!

And my own addition to the list…

7.    The book that was most formative for your theological perspective

So what are your favorites?  And remember, it is for freedom that Christ has set us free, so introduce your own categories too!

Here are my responses…

  1. Karl Barth’s Community, State and Church (especially for the essay “On Gospel and Law”)
  2. Stanley Hauerwas’ A Community of Character
  3. Anything by Martin Luther, but especially On the Freedom of a Christian
  4. I know it’s vintage, but I’ve just gotten around to Gustaf Aulen’sChristus Victor.
  5. Lesslie Newbigin’s The Gospel in a Pluralist Society or Phillip Cary’s Good news for Anxious Christians
  6. Phillip Cary’s The Meaning of  Protestant Theology (working title)
  7. George Lindbeck’s The Nature of Doctrine

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