This Week in the Blogosphere – Installment #6

It’s a short one this week, but I only gave you the really good stuff! Of course, you can see everything I’ve been sharing by checking out my delicious profile.

To start with, here is a story about how ex-offenders can are getting creative about speaking truth to the prison system—now that’s redemption!

Before the mid-term election, I wrote a post lamenting that President Obama was not getting his message out, a contention the President later agreed with.  Jamie Smith challenged that claim, however, saying that Obama’s message had nothing to do with it.

On that note, some readers have expressed that my links too often knock the religious right. So, for those readers, here is an essay from Greg Boyd about how the Christian left, too, misses the point.

And for you Karate Kids, here are some thoughts from Mr. Miyagi on virtue.


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