The Week in the Blogosphere: Installment #3

I took a couple days off at the end of last week, and as a result I failed to publish your weekly list of tidbits. So, Installment #3 of “This Week in the Blogosphere” will actually feature interesting posts from around the web over the last two weeks—a special treat, indeed!

To begin with, I have a new artice out today in Catapult Magazine, entitled Fasting to Hear. It explores the recent revival in Protestantism of spiritual discipline, why we’ve so badly needed it, and whether it jives with traditional Protestant theology. You can read the full article, here.

Karly and I went to see The Punch Brothers on Mountain Stage last Sunday evening. It was a phenomenal show! Unfortunately, I don’t have any video from that concert to share with you. But I want you to get a little taste, so here’s their recording of Rye Whiskey

When President Obama promised to begin removing combat troops from Afghanistan by July of 2011, my son got so excited that he stood up to cheer! But since the Pentagon is now backpedaling that promise, I was delighted to hear that the National Council of Churches adopted “A Call to End the War in Afghanistan” urging that combat troops be removed while development aid is continued and the human rights situation continues to be closely monitored.

For you philosophiles (that’s right, lovers of the love of wisdom), Kevin Scharp has intricately diagrammed the history of western philosophy. In fact, he’s drawn lots of diagrams, of everything from theories of truth and paradox to the entire philosophical system of Donald Davidson.

I know there’s someone else out there like me: I feel like I should be keeping up with the John Piper, N. T. Wright debate on justification, but I just don’t care enough to read their books. Well, if you are like me, fear not. Roger Olson wrote a really nice introduction to the debate, especially Wright’s position.

Hey, are Anabaptists taking over the world? God, I hope so!

In the era of budget cuts and out-of-control-deficits there remains to be made some really tough policy choices, which is why I’m beginning to agree with Stanley Hauerwas’ sentiment: “I vote, but I try not to take it too seriously.” In fact, I believe that if the political system ever finds a way to get anything done, it will look a little like this town.

And if you’re still wondering how we got into this financial crisis to begin with, Catholic Moral Philosopher, Alasdair MacIntyre offers the final word.

As always, you can see everything that I’m sharing on my delicious profile.


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