This Week in the Blogosphere: Installment # 1

I’ve only recently been turned onto delicious, and I’ve been sharing everything I like. But my facebook friends and the few, but faithful followers of my tweets will tell you that it may have been a little overkill. So, I decided that, instead of blowing up the social network, each Friday I will post a list of links to the blog posts that caught my eye throughout the week. Think of it as a weekly magazine published by yours truly. I hope you’ll enjoy it, and if once a week is not enough, you can always check out my delicious profile to see what I’m sharing.

With Halloween coming up, Joe Carter of First Thoughts tells us what not to give kids, while giving us an hilarous rundown of the strange theology of Jack Chick-style-fundamentalism.

Ever wonder what makes a book great? Fred Sanders of Biola’s Torrey Honors Institute Great Books Program shares how they choose their curriculum. Absolutely lovely! 

American Constantinianism reaches its pinnacle when veterans guard the Christian flag that flies over a public war memorial in King, NC. I mean, how’s this for irony: the Roman government first put the cross on the soldier’s sword, now the American government has to fight soldiers to get it off city property. According to Peter Leithart, however, these vets might be doing the right thing. Scot McKnight reviews Leithart’s new book, Defending Constantine, in which he argues that proclaiming Jesus as Lord, means precisely to defend and expand Christendom. It’s a tough case to make, but I know I’m excited to read it!

To see how the Church is bearing whitness to Jesus Christ in the world, check out this inspiring story of nuns gone wild

If you’re willing to ruin your day, you can read the horrific story of how  the prison industry is helping to write our nation’s immigration law.

Speaking of dirty politics, this election cycle has seen unprecedented numbers of negative campaign ads after a limit on how much money independent organizations could spend on campaigns was lifted. NPR, however, questions just how “independent” these organizations are. It was nice to hear that at least a few politicians were finally held accountable for all the negativity. And Stanley Fish reminds democrats—what the ancients already understood—that engaging in honest debate would get them much further in curbing Tea Party enthusiasm than joining in all the mud-wrestling.

One of my professors, Steve Boyer, got some air time on First Thoughts for his article on how the new Narnia movies miss the point of Lewis’ hierarchical world view.



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3 responses to “This Week in the Blogosphere: Installment # 1

  1. Nice work, soldier. I had no idea you knew Boyer. I read that last week and loved it. Dead on, in my view.

    Jack Chick…oh how I relate. Revolting.

  2. Joe

    How do you know Boyer? He teaches at Eastern, where I went to school–great professor!

  3. I don’t know him at all. I just found that article and thought it was so very brilliant. I searched for more of his writings online, couldn’t find any. But I did email him and got a nice response.

    We’re getting married! Not really.

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