The Expiring Tax Cuts We Haven’t Heard About

On the horizon of an important election, there is a lot of talk about whether to extend expiring Bush-era tax cuts. Everyone seems to agree that the cuts should be extended to the middle class, at least until the economy begins to rebound. The debate is over whether the cuts should be extended to the wealthiest Americans. Tea Party Republicans suggest that the only way to fix an economic recession is to put money back into the hands of the big spenders, who in turn will pump that money into the economy. Democrats, on the other hand, don’t think that this kind of economic stimulation will make up for the hit national deficit payments will take if the cuts continue. There is one demographic, however, that haven’t gotten much coverage in the extension debate.

There are a number of programs designed to help low-income families which are also scheduled to expire this fall. While debates rage on capital hill and the media gawks over the state of tax cuts for wealthy Americans, program cuts for the poor go largely unnoticed, like when food stamp benefits were cut to help pay for the $26,000 jobs bill last month. NPR’s Pam Fassler tells the story.


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