Does music theory provide a code for platonic philosophy?

One writer said that the history of Western philosophy is a series of foot notes on Plato, and that’s almost not an exaggeration. But with little more than a cursory glance, one sees how non-constructive Plato’s writings actually are. While Plato’s theoretical debates and dialogues pose innumerable questions—to which the history of Western philosophy is indeed a set of possible answers—it’s not at all clear what Plato himself might answer…or so it seems. Jay Kennedy, a professor at Britain’s University of Manchester, claims to have cracked a code hidden in Plato’s writings: As musical theory was nearly sacred to the Ancient Greeks, prof. Kennedy has identified a series of arguments that appear along “scales” in Plato’s dialogues that seem to provide a key to Plato’s own belief. PRI’s David Barron interviewed Dr. Kennedy on yesterday’s edition of The World.  Listen to the full interview here.


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