Flexible Sovereignty?

Gregory Boyd does a fine job of explaining open theology or as he calls it “the openness view of the future.” He does so by way of asking two questions of “classical” theism: (1) Is it biblical? And (2) What is praiseworthy about it?

 Boyd spends most of his time answering the first question (though I think he addresses it second), and makes a compelling case from the relevant texts. He is right that the plain sense of scripture does point to the open view. As for the second question, his argument about perfection and flexibility is somewhat less satisfying. To be perfect (impassable, immutable) as in the classical view, does not imply that God “inflexible” like the person who cannot mourn with his friend because he is currently in a good mood. It is possible for God to have an unchanging character which would result in a different interchange with each of an unlimited set of circumstances. The same ray of sunshine which hardens the dirt softens the clay.

I have an interesting relationship to open theology: always compelled, but never quite convinced.  This video only adds to my confusion, but if you’re new to the concept it’s a great place to start. Like it, hate it or totally confused—I’d love to hear what you think!

This is only the first of thirteen segments, but there should be prompts you could follow all the way through the lecture. The last few are Q & A.


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