Branches of Christianity



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2 responses to “Branches of Christianity

  1. Jeff

    Two things about this chart (tl;dr any associated articles)

    #1 I’d like to point out that among all these ‘splits’ (15 or so in this chart), there is one bend, which somewhat marginalized the longevity of the Roman Catholic Church. I mean, if you straighten that arbitrary bend, then the Catholic church is a straight line, arguably unchanged from well before the first date on this chart.

    #2 Shouldn’t the Church of England be direct offshoot of the Roman Catholic line? I mean, the CoE was founded with the Act of Supremacy, where Henry VIII, who wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon in order to marry Anne Boleyn, declared himself Supreme Governor of the Church of England. The Roman Church (then as now) doesn’t condone divorce, so Henry divorced the Church instead, declaring himself Supreme Governor of his newly formed Religion.

    • Joe

      Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for your comments! Unfortunately, I’m no historian. In fact, that’s why this graph is posted. I didn’t create it. I found it on the internet (I cannot now remember where) when I was teaching a class on Christian theology and got lots of questions that I couldn’t answer about the origin of different Christian denominations. I know the basic outline but I’m pretty fuzzy on the details, so any clarification is helpful. Thanks again!

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